Case Study – website building for Easysend

  • The company offers international transfers to 37 countries.
  • They have been in the market since 2006.
  • Every day, they facilitate more than 1000 transactions.
  • They offer over 40 transfer directions around the world.
  • The old website did not comply with modern standards and failed to attract potential customers.
  • The website was functioning slowly.
  • Pages weren’t updated with new transfer directions.
  • Security was a concern as the old WordPress platform couldn’t be updated without risking page functionality.

Building a new, transparent website

We revamped Easy Send’s online presence by constructing a new website from scratch, emphasizing transparency in its design and functionality. We ensured that Easy Send’s new website offers users an easy view into their services and operations.


Modern look

Through the strategic use of whitespace, bold typography, and high-quality imagery, Easy Send’s new website boasts a modern aesthetic that resonates with today’s digital consumers.

We incorporated dynamic animations to enhance user engagement, while also introducing a special section adorned with flags representing new bank transfer destinations, catering to the diverse needs of our users.*

Special section with opinions

Since Easy Send’s strength lies in happy customers, we included Trustpilot, a trusted platform for real opinions, in the special section to showcase genuine feedback and enhance transparency.

Through intuitive user interfaces and interactive features, Easy Send’s special section with opinions offers visitors a compelling glimpse into the positive experiences of past clients, driving engagement and conversion.

  1. Where did we start? (Nuxt)

The previous company provided us with the skeleton of the website, which was intended to be based on a headless architecture. WordPress served as the backend, while the frontend was developed using the Nuxt framework. We confirmed the functional requirements of the website with the client, enabling us to streamline the content downloaded from the CMS to include only essential and editable texts required by the client, such as regulations and privacy policies.

2. What framework did we choose?

Since our team was most proficient with the React framework, we opted for the Next.js framework to develop the website, as it is the industry standard for React development. It offers numerous functionalities that facilitate and expedite development, including file-based routing.

3. How did we set up SEO?

Next.js is an excellent choice for ensuring strong website positioning. It offers a plethora of features, as outlined here: Additionally, we configured all text content to be generated statically, resulting in improved SEO scores and enhanced indexing by robots/crawlers.

4. What functionalities did we implement?

  • Internationalization (sub-domain routing) – For this, we utilized a popular internationalization library within the framework called next-intl, which supports static generation of translations, crucial for SEO optimization.
  • Calculator
  • Form for business clients
  • Communication with the backend:
    • Retrieval of regulations and privacy policies from the WordPress backend.
    • Retrieval of currency data and transfer countries from the Easysend Backend, allowing customers to make ongoing changes.
    • Submission of the business form to the Easysend backend, where customer service can further assist the customer.
  1. Increased User Engagement:
  • The incorporation of dynamic animations within the website contributed to a more immersive user experience, resulting in higher click-through rates and increased exploration of Easy Send’s services and offerings.
  • The introduction of the special section featuring flags representing new bank transfer destinations garnered positive feedback from users, leading to an uptick in exploration and utilization of these services.

2. Enhanced Brand Perception:

  • The modern and transparent design of the website elevated Easy Send’s brand perception, positioning the company as a forward-thinking and trustworthy service provider in the competitive financial technology sector.

3. Improved Conversion Rates:

  • The revamped website, coupled with the addition of user-friendly features such as the special section with flags and client testimonials, contributed to a notable increase in conversion rates for Easy Send.
  • Clear and transparent information provided on the website empowered users to make informed decisions, resulting in a higher percentage of website visitors transitioning into active customers.
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