Shelter Action with EasySend


Shelter Action with EasySend

🎉 Z3X and EasySend Shelter Action: Revealing Heartwarming Results!

23/12/2023, Gdańsk — After weeks of enthusiastic participation and unwavering community support, Z3X and EasySend are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of their collaborative Shelter Action. The joint effort aimed to make a paws-itive impact on the lives of animals in need, and the outcomes are truly heartwarming.

Results Overview:

📦 Cardboard Challenge Triumph: The friendly competition to fill cardboard containers for the local shelter was a resounding success. The combined efforts of Z3X and EasySend, coupled with generous contributions from the community, resulted in two large containers filled to the brim with essential supplies and necessities.

Z3X: dog food, 2 canned food for dogs, 1 canned food for cats, 6 sachets for cats, toys for cats, 2 blankets

EasySend: 13 cat pouches, dog food, cat food, 3 dog treats, 2 dog canned food for dogs

Shelter Action with EasySend

🌐 Community Engagement: The initiative sparked conversations, inspired others to get involved, and showcased the power of collective action for a common cause.

Next Steps:

The next step will be to transfer the collected products to the shelter in Sopot-Sopotkowo.

About EasySend:

We facilitate swift, secure, and cost-effective cross-border money transfers, ensuring your funds reach your loved ones promptly and at favorable exchange rates. Since 2006, we have been transforming the financial market, challenging the banking monopoly. What began as the ambitious plan of two friends working abroad has evolved into an experienced company valued by thousands of customers, serving over 40 transfer directions worldwide.

About Z3X:

We are a creative tech marketing agency specializing in tasks deemed too challenging, technical, or specialized by other agencies. From marketing technology products, targeting developers, creating technical documentation, to copywriting, tutorials, and instructions, we excel in getting it right.


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